Wednesday, 6 September 2006

The Curiosity of Chance (2006)

The Curiosity of Chance
The only way he could fit in was to stand out.

“It's the 80’s again" and the John Hughes-styled high school comedy get a fresh twist in this touching, coming of age tale. New wave angst and gender-bending fashion are all the rage, but new kid at school Chance
Marquis ( Tad Hilgenbrink of American pie presents: band camp) is trying to find new ways of standing out. And his being an odd and somewhat awkward teenager makes him the target of the school bully. To deal with this dilemma, Chance turns to the opposite ends of the high school spectrum for help. On one side is the flamboyant drag queen and at the other, the varsity jock, Levi Sparks (Brett Chukerman of Eating Out 2) with whom Chance develops a unique friendship, Chock-full of the comic conventions of high school genre-the idiot faculty, the good-hearted but delusional parents, the fairy tale reversal of popularity - The Curiosity of Chance is a frothy bit of nostalgic filmmaking. But knowing the genre doesn’t mean its story wont touch your heart, as Chance battles the bigots to make high school the diverse utopia it should have always been.

Year: 2006
Language : English
Filmed: USA
Age: Not Rated
Running Time : 99 min.
“A beautiful collage of bubble gum colors, sardonic wit and yet simple yet relatable relationships” – Wire Magazine

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